How to deal with the end of daylight saving

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Getting your child into a good routine is tough work, and just when you think you’ve got it right, something throws a spanner in the works. This “something” I’m talking about is daylight saving! Can I hear a collective “grrrr”?

This weekend the clocks turn back to normal time, so I’m sharing some tips on how to cope with the change!


It pays to begin the process a few days before the change, aka NOW!

In the week leading up to returning the clocks to normal, start putting your child to bed a little later each night, 15 minutes each day until you hit the night before and you are officially an hour past their regular bedtime.


Your child may still wake at their normal time (which will now be an hour earlier than you’ve been used to) and this may happen for a week, but if you persist they will eventually begin to sleep in longer again. Investing in some great block out blinds is a total must! Making the room as dark as possible will help to extend wake up times.

Gro anywhere blinds

Gro anywhere blinds


If your child is a little older, you could implement a special clock, that tells them when it is time to go to sleep and wake up. The Gro-Clock is excellent for this, and it can even become a game for your child, not just for changes like daylight saving, but for every single night. Set the clock each night together, count the stars (hours of sleep until wake up time) make it a ritual.

the gro clock

the gro clock



It might sound like a given, but keeping your child warm enough is a big factor when it comes to promoting good sleep. I’ve always used sleeping bags with my children as they are restless sleepers and often kick blankets off. A sleeping bag ensures they stay warm all night and morning!

The Gro Sleeping Bags

The Gro Sleeping Bags



Natural Saffie


Remember that like every phase, this one of unsettled sleep will pass. Laying down the foundations for good sleep will pay off and you will be back in your routine before you know it!

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