Dear first time mum…

erin and eddie
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Dear first time mum,

                          I see you, bleary eyed and sleep deprived in the shopping aisle, agonising over whether to buy the organic baby food or the regular brand.

I see you in the cafe trying to breast feed your babe without flashing your entire body, your eyes darting around the room to see who may have just spotted your pregnancy-worn belly.

I see you in the park struggling to find the balance between keeping your toddler safe, and not looking like an over protective mumma bear.

I see you rocking that pram, with a furrowed brow, desperate for your baby to get some shut eye today.

I hear you ask “why is he crying?”

I hear you say “I wish I knew that she was getting enough!”

I hear you wail “when will he sleep through the night?”

I wish I could answer your questions and give you some reassurance that everything will be fine, but I am a stranger and you probably don’t need another stranger’s good meaning “advice”.

But if you happen to be reading this, first time mum, all you need to know is this…you have the answers, nobody knows your baby better than you. Trust yourself, the rest will follow. And above all, be kind to yourself, this is one mighty ride, but the prize is oh so worth it.

Your friend, and fellow mumma

Erin xxx

erin and eddie


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