To Eddie on your 4th birthday

Darling Rascals

To my dearest Eddie

This letter is a little late. Two weeks in fact but I’m sure you’ll understand. You’re that kind of kid.

In fact despite being my most challenging child in many ways, you are my most easy going.

You’re kind of an enigma.

Your daddy and I often talk about the contradictions of your personality.

You can spend hours meticulously building Lego then in one foul swoop smash it to pieces like it never meant anything.

When I say you are challenging I mean it in the best way. You challenge me. You make me think outside of the box. I can never rest on my laurels with you. Ever.

You can be so sweet and kind. Your favourite thing to do at the moment is to feel the baby kicking inside my tummy. But if someone asks you if you’re looking forward to another brother or a sister you simple state “I don’t want another baby.”

You ask so many questions and you retain so much information. You are smart, so very smart. And you are funny. You get such a kick out of making your brothers laugh out loud.

You love touch. To be touched. To touch. You are tactile in every sense of the word. Touch has always calmed you, even when you were a colicky baby, it was touch that would settle you. Not food. Not rocking. But touch.

Natural Saffie

You are fiercely independent. You want to do everything on your own and get extremely annoyed if someone tries to help you. Unless of course you can’t be bothered, and in that case you expect everyone to drop everything to help you.

You love animals and nature and could spend a lifetime looking for a worm in the backyard or watching the animals at the zoo with your nanna.

You hate sleep. I wish you didn’t.

You don’t give out your love and affection willy nilly. You are careful with it, and that’s ok. It makes it even more special when you spontaneously tell me you love me to the moon and back, or ask for extra cuddles and kisses at the end of the day.

You are so very loved. By every single one of us, dear Eddie.

Our beautiful second born son.

So happy fourth birthday my darling.

And thank you for being you.

Love mum xxx

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