How does labour REALLY start?

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That six letter word you’ve been dreading is here, or maybe its exactly what you’ve been waiting for.

Maybe your waters have broken like they did in my first labour. I rolled over in bed at around 5am and voila, I’d wet myself. Or you could be more like my second birth, slow and steady contractions that increased throughout the entire night.

What is a certainty is that you can’t predict how or when it will begin…unless you’re induced or having a planned c-section!

Here, some of The Mums Group members share their “getting labour started” stories…

“Ever heard of the expression ‘zero to hero’? One minute I was feeling reasonably calm, thinking ‘OK, I’m about to start labour, but really … how painful can it be?’ The next minute, the contractions hit me with such brutal force I felt like I was splitting in two. I honestly didn’t think I could bear the pain and begged for an epidural. The midwife practically laughed at my request. This baby was only minutes away. Sure enough, my labour only lasted an hour, then my son shot out like a cannon. But what an hour it was.” Sarah, mum to Hayden 

“The first time, the contractions started at home during the early evening. They were really sporadic but quite painful. I went to hospital after labouring at home for about 5 hours but was sent home with some panadeine forte and sleeping tablets as they were so inconsistent.

The second time I was induced so I didn’t feel them until they broke my waters and I had the drip in my arm.” Kelly, mum to Ruby and Otis.

“I was sitting on the couch after a huge day of getting ready for the baby to arrive the following week. My lovely husband had been to a large Christmas party on the Friday so was basically useless on the Saturday so we did everything on the Sunday. Car seat in, bassinet up, shopping etc, family lunch out, drive new car to get practice. When I finally sat down I figured I had done a little wee then looked down to see myself drenched. I think I sat in it for 5 minutes until I realized what had happened.” Kate, mum to Jack and Zoe

“With my first I was at home, about to go to bed. I’d been having some cramps but nothing too bad or regular then I took the garbage out and as I stepped back in the house I got a big contraction and I knew that was it.

A minute later I started gushing blood and things suddenly got very serious and we were on our way to the hospital.

With my second I woke up at 2am with some crampy pains so I started walking up and down the hallway. I called my mum (who was working nightshift) and we started timing the cramps until they eventually got regular and then I woke my husband to go to the hospital. We took my little boy in his PJs to mum’s work so she could mind him.” Abby, mum to Owen and Phoebe.

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