How I (don’t) do it all…

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Darling Rascals

With three children, aged 4 and under, I get asked this question a lot…

“How do you do it?”

Do what? I usually ask in return, already knowing the answer.


The truth is, and I’m happy to tell anyone who asks the question, I don’t do it all, and on the days I do, I don’t do everything well.

My floors rarely get mopped. Billy spends most days in his pjs. I’ve been known to send Gus to kinder with a plain crusket and diced cucumber for his kinder snack because I just haven’t had time to get to the shops.

I have piles of washing sitting on my un-made bed, as I type these very words, and they’ll probably stay there for at least another day (and night).

Natural Saffie

I keep meaning to train the puppy but I just don’t get around to it.

Cleaning my shower involves me spraying it with something that claims to get rid of everything, but I know it doesn’t and I just don’t care.

Every single day I have a hierarchy of importance. It’s the only way I can stop myself from feeling totally and utterly overwhelmed.

On the top of the list is the basics, feed the kids, have fun with the kids, bathe/clean the kids, love and kiss the kids. And that’s about all I achieve.

But you know what, I’m ok with that. My house is a tip most days and the dog is barking like a maniac at the leaves blowing on the trees, and my floor resembles that of some trashy nightclub.

But I’ve got a feeling that in ten or fifteen years time my kids won’t remember the state of the floors…they’ll hopefully remember the fun times we had together. The caves we built, the cookies we baked, and the cuddles and kisses we enjoyed.

Now I’m off to fold some washing….or eat some leftover Easter chocolate. OK, maybe (definitely) the latter!

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