How to pick the best kindergarten for your child

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Darling Rascals

A little over 12 months ago, we were in a pickle. We had chosen a kindergarten for Angus that was wrong with a capital W! In fact the fit couldn’t have been worse.

The warning signs were there;

1. He never settled in. It didn’t matter that he was going three times a week, every single time I started to walk out and leave him there, he would cry. I kept reassuring myself that this was a phase that would pass, but it didn’t.

2. He was angry. My happy little boy was coming home in a bad mood most weeks, and that was totally out of character.

3. There was no structure. Now I’m all for free play and learning through play, but this kinder had zero structure. Kids were eating off the floor, not in a cute little “let’s have a picnic” kind of way, but a “oh that child is having his vegemite sandwhich on the bathroom floor…right near the toilet” kind of way.

4. He was being disruptive. See above, enough said.

Natural Saffie

5. A knot in stomach, you know the kind, the one that tells you something is not right, yeah that never ever left me, the entire time he was there. This was the first sign I should have listened to, but I kept pushing it down as me being a worry wart or an overprotective mother. I’m hear to tell you, your gut is NEVER WRONG!

We switched kindergartens not long after and the difference in Gus was immediate.

Fast forward to this year and he is thriving, making friends and so very, very happy.

So the moral of the story is this. Trust your “first sight” feelings. If it doesn’t feel right, it’s not. You know your child better than anyone. There is nothing embarrassing in admitting your first choice might not have been the right one, but doing nothing about it, now that is something you’ll regret!

How did you pick the right kindergarten for your little one?

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