I’d forgotten what it’s like to have a newborn

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Hello outside world! It’s me Erin! Yes I’m still here, despite the fact we’ve barely left the house in over a week! We are smack bang in the midst of a newborn baby fog. I’d forgotten how all consuming those first weeks of parenthood are. Strapped to the couch with a newborn attached to your breasts for what can be hours at a time. No sleep for days. Showers seem like a rare treat not a daily necessity. Pjs become your only important item in your wardrobe. Conversations are limited and always interrupted. Everything hurts, from pure exhaustion.

But on the flip side we have this amazingly beautiful little man in our lives. I’ve missed the newborn smell, the cute little stretch they do after a feed, the sweet gurgle that comes with a full belly.

I thought second time around it would be easier. And to some extent it certainly is. But the doubt in myself still bubbles under the surface. That niggling voice that pops up questioning me if I’m doing it right. The sleep deprivation doesn’t help things!

I’m learning again that everything takes time. To adjust, to adapt, to re learn those old skills, and pick up new ones (like how to feed two screaming boys at the same time!)

But for now, I must focus on burping my son (he’s feeding as I type)

Till next time!

E xx

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