I’ll probably regret saying this…but my husband does a lot around the house

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First of all I’d like to apologise for my tardiness this week. My husband, Mick, had major hip surgery on Monday and I have been playing nurse. It’s pretty much involved me responding to barking orders such as “another icepack”…”more painkillers”…”can you rearrange my pillows…they’re not comfortable”( all in a whiney voice). Add to the mix a teething 11 month old, and I’m running on empty.

With Mick being confined to the couch, it’s also meant I’ve been lumped with all of the household and Angus duties. You may have thought that that was standard for housewives, but not in this home. It’s time for me to admit, my husband does a lot around here.

For starters, he’s a wonderful cook. He actually follows recipes. He whips up delicious, gourmet meals on a regular basis. While I stick to the more simple fare of eggs on toast, or pumpkin soup.

He is also very vigilant when it comes to cleaning. I am a surface cleaner, or a tidier. I mop, vacuum and wipe down the highchair. Mick gets under couches, empties cupboards, and pulls apart furniture to make sure things are spotless.

He is also a very hands on dad and relishes in helping with Angus. He gets up, when we do, at 6am, and dives into the morning duties, then when he gets home at 5pm, he rolls up his sleeves and contributes to the dinner/bath/bed marathon.

But needless to say this week, while Mick has been on bed rest, we’ve been living on pathetic food, the house is a tip (for example when lying on the floor with Angus yesterday I discovered a runaway piece of watermelon, which judging by the smell, had been there for a good week) and Angus’ baths and meals, have been a shamozzle.

It’s made me realise just how lucky I am to have a chef, a cleaner, and a hands on dad, as my husband.

And I’m going to do my best to try and remember that when a certain someone is demanding to have his pillows fluffed!

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