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fun mum
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fun mum

The other day, as I was screaming at my two very boisterous boys for the 500th time, it hit me like a tonne of bricks….I’ve officially lost my fun-mum mojo.

It’s gone, and I don’t know when it will be coming back.

90% of my day is spent breaking up fights…and the other 10% is spent changing nappies, encouraging poos on the toilet, bathing and cooking. Fun times (note sarcasm).

I can remember a time when I was fun. When I would roll around the floor tickling the kids, as they yelled “stop mummmmmmmmy….” in fits of laughter.

I remember taking them to the park every single day, without fail.

I remember singing silly songs and dancing daggy dances.

Where have those moments gone?

I know where. They have gone along with my sleep. They have gone with any ounce of energy I have left. 

But despite having a damn good excuse (I’m 34 weeks pregnant, if you didn’t know) I feel like I’m letting down.

They don’t understand that mummy is now too large (or as my 3 year old likes to put it “mummy is too baby”) to break out the moves like DJ Lance.

They don’t really get it, that I’m grumpy because I am literally getting no sleep at night.

They no doubt feel really ripped off.

All I can hope is that they are too young to remember this sucky time….because I am fairly confident my fun-mum mojo is still a while off returning (hello newborn baby sleep deprivation).

How did you cope with young children while pregnant?

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