I’m in denial…apparently

28 weeks pregnant
Darling Rascals

So in exactly 11 weeks and 4 days, my fourth baby is due and if it is anything like its brothers, it will be on time.

Since its conception I have been doing everything in my power to pretend that life isn’t about to change dramatically…again.

Well that’s according to every one in my life.

We’ve moved house, we’ve moved suburbs, I’m getting Gus ready for his first year at school next year, and Eddie ready for a new four year old kinder.

Some might say I’m distracting myself from the real task at hand…a brand new, shiny baby.

Some might be right. A little.

But I wouldn’t say I’m denial.

It’s more that life goes on, whether you’re pregnant or not. And like it or not, my life is pretty damn busy with three very energetic little men who demand a lot of my attention.

Natural Saffie

It’s a fact that each pregnancy beyond my first has been a little bit like this. I’ve been preoccupied. But it’s not out of “not” wanting this baby or not wanting to be pregnant.

So now that we are in our new house I am making a pledge to make the most of this pregnancy given it is most likely my last (it’s my last but I did say that last time, so I like to cover myself by saying “most likely”).

I promise to relish the moments when I can sit and breathe and feel those little kicks and nudges in my big belly.

I promise to embrace the boy’s interest in the baby and it’s growth, including what vegetable it is this week, and what sex it might be.

I also promise to go a little slower, and let some of the less important stuff slide, so I can revel in my last-last trimester.

Because before I know it, this baby will be on the outside, and I’ll have no choice on slowing down or letting stuff slide.

The baby will decide that. And there’s nothing wrong with embracing that either.

How did you cope with pregnancy?

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