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gus eddie me

Toilet humour….it’s rife in our house at the moment, and by all predictions, it’s likely to continue.

Such is life with three boys.

I never pictured a world like this. When I imagined parenthood, I thought about long afternoons crafting, or frolicking in the grass (yeah delusional) but the reality is more than a little different.

My days are spent trying to wear out three very, very energetic little monkeys.

They run, and run, and run, and then run some more. And when they aren’t running, they’re eating.

And when they’re not eating, they are laughing at their own bodily functions.

Just yesterday Gus called me into the toilet…”mum, mum come see this….”

I braced myself, as you do when you’re preparing yourself to see anything your child has done in the bathroom.

He continued…”it’s my poo mum, look it’s crying!”

That was then followed by fits of giggles, which continued for a good five minutes.

Around the home I’m often referred to as “poo head-stinky bottom”. Or “pop off-poo-poo”. The sad thing is I’ve started answering to both.

Even more shockingly I’m doing it back.

When Eddie chucked a tanty because the Baker’s Delight lady gave him the cheesymite roll to the left instead of the one to the right (yup, terrible twos) I bent down and said “stop being a stinky little poo head.”

He looked up at me and burst out laughing. Fellow shoppers weren’t so impressed, but frankly I couldn’t have cared less.

This is life with my boys, and from what I’m told, and from my own experiences, toilet humour isn’t something they ever grow out of. So if you can’t beat them, join them I say!

Do you live with any poo-heads or is toilet humour something you just don’t tolerate?

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