Keeping it real…let’s do this!

Keeping it real!
Darling Rascals

Earlier this week I posted an image of a failed attempt at dinner for the kids. It was a picture of burnt chicken meatballs. Burnt chicken meatballs that I had made (and it took a bloody long time to prep these things) as a kind of peace offering or tonic for what had been a horrible day.

I’d felt like I’d yelled at the boys all day. I had achieved nothing, aka the house looked like a tip crossed with a frat house crossed with hoarders anonymous. I was feeling flat and a bit sick. You get my drift.

So when I presented my children with these chicken/apple meatballs (I mean, seriously) and they scoffed, and asked for toast, a part of me had to laugh.

It doesn’t matter how much we, as adults want something, kids can ground us in a heartbeat.

It’s a lesson I still struggle with on a daily basis. The being “out of control” feeling that comes with parenthood. The demands of children dictate how each day will unfold and it is a battle I am never going to win. And so I have to let my guard down and go with it.

Natural Saffie

When strangers ask me “how do you do it?” with three boys under school age, my answer is this…”I embrace the chaos”. It’s true. At least it is what I try to do. It’s about letting go of what I have always know and letting these little ones lead the way.

It’s also about being real. My house isn’t always tidy. My children sometimes (a lot of the time) eat fish fingers or chicken nuggets for dinner. My floors are sticky and I have never, ever dusted a damn thing.

But I don’t care. And there is something liberating in that. Let’s all drop the facade. Let’s be real. Our children will benefit from it…and I’m pretty sure we will too.

Let’s jump on this and make it a community… #mumskeepingitreal tag yourself, good or bad and join in the fun! xxx

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