Let’s talk pelvic floors

pelvic floor
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pelvic floor

The other day I paid my local women’s physio a little visit.

You see, after three babies in 3.5 years, and my last being a little under 9 pounds, my old trusty pelvic floor has taken quite the battering.

It’s not in bad knick, I don’t want to sell it short, but after recently taking up running again after years, I’d noticed it wasn’t what it should be.

I’m a huge fan of clinical pilates and have been doing it for a few years now, and it certainly has made a huge difference in strengthening that muscle, but I’m lucky if I get to a class once a week.

Then there is the old fashioned but proven kegal. I was told to start these babies up a mere 12 hours after delivering my children. But when you are doing your best to basically survive on zero sleep, while also you know, raising an infant, it kinda drops down the priority list.

And so that’s what has happened. My pelvic floor became less important than bin night.

I’m not alone in this neglect either, the bladder and bowel website run by the government states that if you’ve had a baby (even just one of them) you are three times more likely to suffer incontinence.

Vaginal deliveries, assisted deliveries (forceps, suction), and heavy babies all increase that statistic.

But it doesn’t have to be something we suffer in silence or just accept.

So what can we do about it.

This is the advice my physio gave to me….

Kegals….these babies are key to strengthening that pelvic floor, but it’s all about the amount.

Close the elevator door, and lift the elevator up, hold for ten seconds

Relax for ten seconds.

Do ten in a set, and do five sets a day.

Now the next piece of golden advice my physio dished out was this…

Sit on the toilet, and even after you have finished, lean forward, breathe out and sit for 5 more seconds.

This is very important and will ensure you have completely emptied your bladder.

I’m sharing this information with you, to hopefully help you, or someone you know. Let’s not normalise lbl (light bladder leakage as the advertising companies would like us to know it), but let’s eliminate it altogether.

One. Kegal. At. A. Time!

Let’s check back in a month and see how you’re doing!


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