Looking after me…part 3

Darling Rascals

So…….drum roll please…… I made it!!

The 12 week body transformation is over! Yeeeehaaaaa!

Who would’ve known that 12 weeks was such a long time…especially when you’re doing the right thing with food and exercise. All. The. Time!

Having said that though I am absolutely so very thrilled with just how far I have come. And kinda proud of myself too.

So, now for the stats, but let’s face it…the numbers do the talking don’t they?

First for the measurements. I have lost a whopping 27.5 centimetres off my body

Natural Saffie


I’ve also dropped 5.5 kilos, meaning I now fit back into around 95% of my clothing.

This “body transformation” hasn’t been without blood, sweat and tears, believe me. It’s been a struggle exercising every day, and sticking to the healthy eating plan so rigidly, especially on little to no sleep, but I really think the results have been worth it.

Finally, I have to say, above the “look” aspect of it all, is how I feel. My energy levels have increased ten fold. I feel like I’m “fun mum” again, and I reckon my kids would agree. I know it sounds like a cliche, but I feel like the old me, and what more could I ask for?

Now, someone pass me a big fat bowl of guilt free icecream, it’s time to celebrate, but I promise i’ll only stick to the one!!

12wbt 2

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