Looking after me…update 2

me and cake
Darling Rascals

me and cake

Ok so I’m going to tell you straight off the bat (the photo is kind of a dead giveaway) I have cheated a little this month.

The gloss and enthusiasm of the first four weeks of a new eating and exercise plan had worn off and I felt like rebelling.

Who was Michelle Bridges to tell me what to eat? Had she been up all night with a baby? Nope! Had she cleaned poo off a toddler’s leg? Doubtful. Had she had to explain the use of every digger/bulldozer to a four year old who’s favourite game is to question every answer, while dealing with a teething baby and cleaning poo off a toddler? Absolutely not.

How did she know I didn’t need a big fat slab of cake? Or another hot cross bun? Or some chocolate?

I needed all of those things.

I was sleep deprived and cranky and damn sick of being good.

So I indulged a little. The long weekend was my downfall. My treat meal (you get one a week) turned into a treat extravaganza lasting 3 days. Whoopsy.

But not long after I picked myself off the floor and started again.

This month has had a few hiccups. I’m not exercising as much as I would like (tiredness, again) but my food choices have, on the whole, remained pretty good.

The great thing is the stats are going to show my hard work is paying off. I’m going to wait until the end to reveal those to you, but what I will say is that it’s certainly been a great incentive to keep on going.

One month to go people. If you’re on this ride with me…you can do it!!

E xxx

Natural Saffie

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