More milk?

baby bottle
Darling Rascals

baby bottle

“Can you see if that bottle is warm enough?” I ask.

“How do I do that?” he questions.

“Put a few drops on your wrist.”


My husband is a dairy addict. We go through litres of milk every week. He drinks it in his coffee, on cereal, mixed with Milo and frozen on a stick covered with chocolate. But the very thought of having a squirt of my unpasteurized product on his arm makes him squirm.

“You do understand that what you are currently drinking in your coffee is essentially the same thing, just from an animal not of your species?” I ask.

“I don’t think of it like that.”

Humans only started consuming animal milk about 7,500 years ago after the trend was set by dairy farmers in central Europe. The premise of milk creation for humans and animals is the same. Cows lactate to feed their babies, as do we. So why then is it ok for a grown man to drink the breast milk of an animal that’s not remotely related to humans, but he considers it ‘gross’ to touch the breast milk of his beloved wife.

Is it because I don’t eat grass? My milk is of the carnivore variety hence giving it a more savory flavor? Perhaps it’s because my milk doesn’t come with a label? Maybe a Pura tag will make it more appealing.

My husband is a child of the 60s, when breastfeeding was making a come back in the western world. A decade earlier, breastfeeding rates had dropped dramatically with some in the so-called civilized societies viewing the practice as ‘disgusting’ and only for the unwashed masses. It was even discouraged by the medical profession at the time as unsanitary. But even in the most conservative societies, the benefits of mummy’s milk were well regarded by the 70’s, so that doesn’t explain the reaction.

Could it be the threat of disease transferal? Forget the fact that even the US Centre for Disease Control say the benefits of breastfeeding outweigh the risks in most cases (there are exceptions), the act we committed to produce the child that I’m currently lactating for, would have exposed him to any potential disease I may have.

In any case my darling, one more ‘gross’ and be prepared for a very odd tasting coffee in the morning. Who knows, you might love it!

Natural Saffie

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