My 24 hours alone

my alone time
Darling Rascals

A very strange thing happened over the weekend. I spent a lot of time, on my own. My husband decided to take the kids back to visit his parents who live 5 hours away, and leave me solo.

At first the prospect filled me with excitement. How much could I cram into 24 hours? What would I do with all of my spare time?

I even put the call out to you, my dear readers, and the overwhelming answer was do all of things you can’t do when kids are around. Of course!

And that is just what I did.

After finishing work Saturday morning, I took a leisurely walk home in the sunshine. Just me. No pram, no negotiating, no pointing out of things as some sort of distraction to stay seated for just 5 more minutes. Just me, and the breeze in my face. It was bliss.

When I got home I stripped out of my clothes, and put my pj’s on, and climbed into bed, for TWO.WHOLE.HOURS!!!!

I awoke naturally, it’s a feeling I haven’t had in over 3 years.

That afternoon I strolled down to the local day spa and treated myself to a massage, facial and a mani and pedi. 

Natural Saffie

When I got home I ate Easter eggs for dinner while watching a soppy rom/com on T.V

It was perfect.

But then it hit me. The silence. It was deafening.

I walked passed the boys bedrooms and they seemed so cold and empty. My own bed, much the same.

The next morning, I hurried home after work. Desperate to speed up time so that my family would be home, and it wasn’t long after I arrived home, that they did too.

I stood on the porch with my arms stretched out wide, expecting the warmest reception a gal could hope for. Instead Gus, my eldest, ran away from me screaming “noooooooooooo mum” like I was some kind of hideous monster. While Eddie gave me a slight raise of the eyebrow and a sympathy hug.

Later that day I told Gus just how sad I’d been without him around. His answer? “Well I was happy mum.”

Guess I should take some of his advice, and learn to live and love the moment. No matter how quiet and fleeting it may be?


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