My husband is a better housewife than I am!

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So I got home from work the other day, to find my husband had cleaned the house, done all of the washing, and cooked brownies. I’m not kidding. 

He has Gus and house duties on the weekend, while I’m doing my newsreading thing at work, and without a word of a lie, each and every weekend, I come home to a similar situation to the one I’ve described above.

It’s not the first time I’ve written about how much Mick does at home, and I’m not ashamed of it at all. In fact I think I could be one of the luckiest gals alive, but it does kind of suck a little bit. It really makes me seem like I’m not doing my job very well. And by job, I mean the unpaid one.

Mick makes it look so easy. He’s great at multi-tasking. He’s folding washing with one hand, while whisking egg whites with the other. I barely manage to vaccum without sucking up an odd sock, or cook dinner without burning something. Plus, and this probably shouldn’t be said out loud, I don’t really enjoy it. Cleaning or even cooking (well I do enjoy cooking when I don’t have a 16 month banging on the safety gate at the kitchen, while screaming for me to let him through). I mostly do it because I have to, and that’s probably why I suck at it.

When I do manage to pull it all off, it does feel kind of good, but those days are rare. I get caught up in playing tickle monster with Gus and going to the park to roll in the grass. I’d rather not put every single toy away after he’s finished playing, because I know it’s going to be pulled out again in an hour. And if Gus wants to empty his wardrobe and use his t-shirts as floor cleaners, then I let him (actually there’s an idea!).

The house is clean and tidy, but not organised, and there is always food on the table (albeit average), so don’t worry, no one/thing is being neglected. It’s just that I don’t have the love or drive for house keeping. And I probably never will. So instead of making it a competition, or even feeling inadequate, I guess the only solution is to relish in the fact I’ve got it pretty good with my lovely husband?!

Anyone for a guilt-free brownie?

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