My week as a single parent

gus and daddy
Darling Rascals

gus and daddy

This week has been challenging to say the least. On Sunday morning my husband left for a 6 day work conference, and I got myself comfortable in the fetal position, ready to freak out.

He’s been away for work before, but that’s been two or three days at a maximum, and even that’s been hard work. As some of you might know, my darling husband is a hands on kind of dad, and helps a lot when it comes to the kids, especially at that horror end of the day, so when he’s not around, we all really feel it.

My week started off with Eddie coming down with a cold. Awesome. Then came Monday, which happened to be my very first day back at work. Double awesome. We didn’t plan that so well. 

The cold quickly spread throughout the house (me and Gus) and morphed into what we thought was measles, but turned out to be a a nasty rash and ear infection. The doctor told me it could be contagious. Could this week get any better?

Not only were we locked in the house, with sickness all around us, we were doing it without a key team member.

The bath/book/bed routine has been a haphazard nightmare, with Gus often eating dinner after his bath, which then means he needs another bath to mop up the entire bowl of pasta he managed to cover his entire body in.

Reading time which is usually done while I breastfeed Eddie, has been non existent as Gus thrashes around the living room, covered in spag boll, throwing toys (or chairs) in the air, all while I try and keep Eddie on the boob, but he’s far more interested in his whirlwind of a big brother.

By the time I get the kids to bed I stumble back to the living room and collapse in a heap, flick on some crappy t.v, only to realise I haven’t had a conversation with an adult all day, but I’m too tired to pick up the phone and call anyone anyway.

Look, it wasn’t all bad. One night I ate a Twix for dinner. I’ve watched every pointless movie, every ep of Real Housewives, and even snuck in a “One Born Every Minute” without any sarcastic commentary ruining it. I’ve had the whole bed to myself (for the entire 5 hours sleep I get a night).

But at the end of the day, I’ve really missed Mick. Regardless of all that he does to help share the load, I’ve missed his company, and companionship.

It can be a lonely job being a single parent, even more so when you’re quarantined in the house with two sick kids. My hat goes off to those who have to do it day in and day out.

Bring on Friday night!

How have/or do you cope when you have to solo parent?

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