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It’s been a strange couple of days, a dark cloud has been hanging over me. You see, last week, a girl, actually now a woman, who I went to school with, was tragically killed.

She was a mother of two young children. Two children of similar age to mine.

Her death was something that made headlines. Her beautiful face popping up on every social media news feed, every bulletin, every paper.

There was no escaping it.

Me, and the rest of the country have been mourning her death since it occurred. How could a woman be taken so soon in such an horrific way? How could two children be left without a mother? How could a husband be left without his beloved wife?

Nothing about it, is right.

I hate to say it but it also brought my own mortality to the forefront.

It’s something I think about often. Especially since having kids. What would happen if I died? I know how morbid that sounds, but the thought literally terrifies me.

My children are young, just like my school friend’s children. Sometimes they cry if I drop them at kinder. Sometimes they cry if I just leave a room. How would they cope if I was gone forever?

The thought makes me ache, from inside out.

Natural Saffie

They are my world. They are my life. They are such a huge part of me, and I of them.

But, like my school friend, my own life, is out of my hands.

At some point I will have to leave my children, a thought that I can barely type in print. All I can hope is that I will be one of the very lucky ones, who will get to see them grow into adults.

My school friend, Andrea, wasn’t lucky. She was taken before her time. Her children now left without their darling mum. And nothing about that is fair.

So today, and every day after, I will stop, even for just a few seconds in a day, and think of her, and give my kids an extra hug.

Rest in peace Andrea. Your children will never forget your touch, your smile, your love.

Because you are a part of them, forever.

E xxx

My world.

My world.

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