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If you’ve had a baby…chances are at one point or another you’ve sneezed and wet yourself.

If you haven’t, you are one of the lucky ones.

And if you’re like me, and have had FOUR babies come out of your v-jay-jay…then hey, light bladder leakage is a given.

That doesn’t mean, however, that it should be something you put up with or tolerate, or even something you should accept as the norm.

Let’s face it…it’s not cute to wet your pants behind on the age of four, is it?

So what can we do about it?


This is the advice my physio gave to me….

Kegals….these babies are key to strengthening that pelvic floor, but it’s all about the amount.

Close the elevator door, and lift the elevator up, hold for ten seconds

Relax for ten seconds.

Do ten in a set, and do five sets a day.

Now the next piece of golden advice my physio dished out was this…

Sit on the toilet, and even after you have finished, lean forward, breathe out and sit for 5 more seconds.

Natural Saffie

This is very important and will ensure you have completely emptied your bladder.


No one wants to spend their savings on poise pads, so I road tested the much talked about Modibodi underwear. The knickers have a built in panty liner that can handle light bladder leakage like a boss. I was seriously impressed.

I felt comfortable in them. I didn’t have to replace an annoying liner during the day, or worry about readjusting one, or if one was visible through my clothing.

They come in a variety of colours and absorbencies and are pretty afforable too, if you factor in never having to fork out for a pack of liners again.

Most of all, they make this transitional time in my life, from weak to strong pelvic floor, a little more dignified.

Check them out at www.modibodi.com.au




Gentle workouts like clinical pilates and yoga are fabulous for strengthening your pelvic floor. They focus on your core and specifically tightening those muscles that have been through the wringer during pregnancy and childbirth.

Easing back into exercise post-baby, should be gentle. Your body and pelvic floor has been through a lot, and you should respect that and be kind to yourself.

Finding post-natal exercise classes that focus on this, is a great step forward.

reformer pilates

reformer pilates


Don’t be embarrassed to talk about your pelvic floor and bladder leakage. If you find something that works, tell a friend. You never know, she may be struggling with the same problem.

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