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Darling Rascals

The other day as I lay in bed listening to one of my kids yell out for me, I looked up at my wardrobe and cringed.


It’s the only way to describe what has become of it.

I’ve been online shopping like it’s my profession since I became a mum. The only downside, and this is a stretch, is that I often buy things I don’t actually need. And when I say often, I mean always.

It’s just that something pretty pops into my inbox and voila I suddenly own it.

It certainly makes me feel good when it arrives, but then I shove it into the already crammed space that contains my clothes and it is often forgotten.

Natural Saffie

It’s gotten to the point where I am pretty sure I could survive on the clothing I currently own, for the rest of my life. No. Joke!

Of course that wouldn’t be much fun though would it?

So I decided to set myself the task of a month. One single month, of NO SHOPPING.

With that comes the added bonus of me actually wearing the clothes I own. Shock, horror!!

It’s only been a week, but so far so good. I’m going to give this everything I’ve got. And now that I’ve put it in writing, I’ve got no excuse not to.

Have you ever given up shopping? Do you online shop?

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  1. Meg

    Great idea! I’ve never done this but I think it’s time to try! I mostly buy second hand so it’s cheap and I get a lot. I probably don’t need it all either. I’m starting 2nd July! I’ll have to follow along to see how you go!

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