To Olivia on your FIRST birthday

Darling Rascals

To Olivia on your first birthday

You will have to get used to mummy saying this, but boy it feels like yesterday that you were born.

You undoubtedly gave us the BIGGEST surprise that day as we were not at all prepared to add a little lady to our boy band! But there you were. Our daughter. Our little girl.

This year you’ve been dragged to school and kinder drop offs more times than I can count. You’ve been strapped to my chest or wheeled in a pram, and barely complained. You’re easy going. Chilled. Compliant. I am under no allusion that this will continue, but thank you for just going with the busy flow of your brothers lives.

You’ve not been the best sleeper but in your defence, 3 big brothers = enough noise to rival the MCG on grand final day.

You smiled at 4 weeks, said dadda first, rolled, crawled, stood, and cruised in your first year of life.

You clap when we sing to you, rock your head back and forth when you listen to music, give the best cuddles first thing in the morning and last thing at night, love dishing out sloppy kisses, waving at happy faces, and pointing with delight at the dog.

Natural Saffie

You love your brothers so much and each morning they come tumbling into our bed, fighting over who gets the first cuddle with you.

You melt your daddy. One hundred times a day.

You have brought a softness into the house. A sweetness. A lightness.

And well, you have completed me, my littlest love. I had thought I would never have a daughter. I had made peace with it, mourned it. And then you arrived and a piece of me that I had covered and buried deep down, opened up and filled instantly with love and gratitude.

Thank you for choosing us to be your family little lady. In your first year you have made us happier than you’ll ever understand , and I just know that will continue.

We love you Olivia! Happy first birthday beautiful girl!

Love always, your mumma xxx

Olivia turns one!

Olivia turns one!

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