Our Winter of discontent

Darling Rascals

When the smell of Spring began to enter the air, I felt my body start to unclench. My shoulders began to relax. My breath began to slow. My patience began to grow.

The smell of blossom in the air.

The smell of blossom in the air.

It was one bitch of a Winter.

We had sickness, upon sickness, upon sickness. Something no one ever told me about having multiple kids (maybe because its common sense) is that they kind of create a loop of illness that never really ends. Just as the coughs and sniffles of one child subside, the next is in full force and so on and so on and so on. You get my drift. If you don’t, it’s been one never ending snotty nose wiping, vapouriser filling, croup medication restocking kind of season.

Then my husband had hip surgery. And had to be on bed rest for two weeks, and on crutches for four weeks. And suddenly I had an extra person (child) to look after.

The wet, cold, sick inducing weather, made it impossible to escape the house. So we all went a bit coco-loco indoors, climbing the walls with boredom.

We were sad and crabby and crazy come August. My kids acting like feral beasts every time the miserable weather subsided and we escaped to a park.

Natural Saffie

It was a long, hard, exhausting three months.

But then the air started to change and so did our moods. On the first day of Spring we were gifted a glorious day and my children actually danced around the trampoline singing “Spring is here, spring is here” in some kind of delirium.

The kids mesmerised by bees in the garden.

The kids mesmerised by bees in the garden.

While I know the gorgeous sun-shiny weather isn’t a given from now on in, the days where it is are becoming more frequent.

There’s a warmness, about Spring. It’s like an old friend who you might not see often, but it’s like you just pick up where you left off when you do.

Picking flowers beats blowing noses any day!

Picking flowers beats blowing noses any day!

So, may the next three months be filled with laughter, and smiles and outdoor adventures, and may the sun dry up the coughs and snotty noses…and most of all, may mummy regain her sanity so she can store it up for next Winter, like a bear stores food for hibernation!

How was your Winter, was it as hideous as mine?

2 Comments on “Our Winter of discontent”

  1. Laura

    Yes! My winter was horrific! And while I usually appreciate the colder months for things like jeans, boots & warm, snuggly track pants, I could not be happier that it’s finally over.
    While so many Mum’s warned me of the cons that follow after putting your child in day care, nothing could have prepared me for how consistent it was, nor how many illnesses I myself would contract from my son! And they seemed to hit me so much harder than they did him, which I was perplexed by. Ordinarily I am rarely sick, so I am MORE than happy to see the back end of winter 2015!! Good riddens..

    1. Erin Giansiracusa

      Yes we were plagued with sickness from kinder! It’s shocking isn’t it?! Here’s to warmer weather and health!

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