We’ve come a long way baby

    I remember, when I was pregnant with Angus, reading an article about relationships after baby. It said that the 12 months after you give birth will be the toughest you’ll face in your relationship with your partner. I frowned and quickly showed the piece to Mick, who shook his head in disbelief and said “we’d have nothing to … Read More

I’ll probably regret saying this…but my husband does a lot around the house

    First of all I’d like to apologise for my tardiness this week. My husband, Mick, had major hip surgery on Monday and I have been playing nurse. It’s pretty much involved me responding to barking orders such as “another icepack”…”more painkillers”…”can you rearrange my pillows…they’re not comfortable”( all in a whiney voice). Add to the mix a teething … Read More

It wasn’t love at first sight…but it has been ever since

I received a text from a friend of mine who recently had a baby, telling me how utterly in love she was with her bundle of joy. It automatically brought me back to that moment when the doctor first placed Angus on my chest, all waxy and gooey and belting out a scream. But my first feeling wasn’t overwhelming love. … Read More

Oh no…I’m clucky again!

    I distinctly remember thinking as I paced the corridors of the delivery ward, trying to speed up my labour, “why would anyone do this again?” On day 3, when the baby blues set in, and we were all crying, I had the same thought. As we left the hospital, with this tiny, innocent bundle strapped into the capsule, … Read More

Hello lost and found…has anyone seen my boobs?

    Before I got pregnant, my breasts were pretty modest. I was a 12B. But they suited me. They fit into my clothes perfectly. But that all changed after I got knocked up. They started to grow at a very rapid rate. All of the sudden I was a 14C, then a 14D. I had no idea what to … Read More

She said my hair would kill my career. Wait, what?


  by JAMILA RIZVI Alright people, listen up and listen closely. Because this nugget of information, this extremely scientific piece of research I’m about to share: could change your life. Or at the very least, it could change your hair. You see, according to legal blog The Careerist, there are women all over the world who are RUINING THEIR CAREERS … Read More

Bindi Irwin Grew Up

  We got a little exited this morning when we saw Bindi Irwin being interviewed on The Morning Show for her 14th birthday. So much so, we pulled out our iPhones and started snapping pictures of Bindi on the screen with her mum, Terri, and brother, Robert. Look, a teen who looks like a teen! See?

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