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Edward bouncer

It’s been 4 weeks since Edward’s arrival and the days (and sleepless nights) are flying! Things are starting to get easier, or at least slightly more predictable. But as you know, with a newborn that never lasts long!

In the last month I’ve found myself calling on all resources for reassurance. My mum has been a god send, and my mothers group and other friends with kids have all been wonderfully supportive.

But there’s someone else I’ve been relying on even more for advice. Someone I can turn to during the 3am feed and say “help”! That someone, or should I say something, is google!

Gassy baby? Tick! Google will know how to fix little Eddie! 3 week old growth spurt? Yep! Google will give me the coping strategies. Baby taking an hour and a half to settle? Google might know why.

Maybe its the sleep deprivation, but I’ve somehow convinced myself that google is Edward’s on call helper, as if it knows my baby, and can fix any situation.

In reality I know this isn’t true, but what it does give me (as I frantically type “4 week old not sleeping, is this normal?” into the search engine) is reassurance. It gives me pages and pages of it in fact. ¬†Suddenly things don’t seem so bad when you know they are a normal part of development.

And yes I know what you’re thinking, this is my second child and I should have my own way of reassuring myself. To a point I do, but sometimes, especially in those lonely middle of the night hours, you just need to know that everything you’re doing is right.

Of course Google doesn’t always give me the advice I am hoping to hear. It’s confirmed my love of chocolate is no good for baby Eddie (upsets his tummy). Now tell me what friend would tell you, you can’t eat chocolate?! No real one I’m sure!

E x

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