Rock what you’ve got!

Let's make peace with ourselves xx
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This post is not about flaunting my body, or being loud and proud. This post is about acceptance and love.

Life's too short to waste on worry!

Life’s too short to waste on worry!

This body of mine, is mine. It’s not perfect. It’s not flawless, and taut and toned. It’s not free of cellulite. It’s not tanned. It’s freckled, and mottled, and dimpled and soft. It’s strong, and powerful and nourishing.

It’s carried three babies. Three babies who lived in this here stomach.

I’ve written about this stomach before. If you’re so inclined you can read my ramblings here where I detailed my journey from baby and beyond.

What a stomach really looks like, well what mine did anyway, after the birth of my second child.

And now, here I am, post baby number three, and again accepting this body of mine for what it is and what it has done.

It’s a message I think is so important for women everywhere.

Natural Saffie

Pre-baby I did some volunteer work with The Butterfly Foundation, an organisation which provides support and advice to people experiencing eating disorders. This week they launched their Love Your Body campaign.

Body image remains one of the biggest concerns for women, which breaks my heart.

I have sisters, and friends, and a mother, and aunties, and to think of any of them loathing the beautiful body they inhabit, is not ok.

So let’s do something about it. Let’s drop the negative self-talk. Let’s start cherishing ourselves.

Let’s remember that we are role models to our kids, boys or girls, and they are taking in everything we are saying and doing.

It’s time to love what you’ve got. Rock what you’ve got. It’s pretty bloody amazing, if you ask me!

Let's make peace with ourselves xx

Let’s make peace with ourselves xx

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