Sensitive and proud of it!

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Today a stranger made a comment to me about my son, and I wanted to slap her.

I know, that’s a pretty extreme reaction, right? But when someone passes judgement on any child of mine, it’s never ok.

So you’re probably wondering what she said to illicit such a reaction from me?

Well let me set the scene. We were at a play centre and my eldest son Gus was in a frustrating mood.

He was over excited (a week of barely leaving the house thanks to coughs and colds culminating in some climbing of walls) over tired, and a bundle of energy. The perfect mix!

He also had earlier been told he couldn’t play where his younger brothers were because he was too old. So he was ticked off.

The play centre was a busy hub of noise and smells and people.

Then he lost it. He freaked out because his youngest brother Billy had climbed up to the top of the play gym. Higher than even he is comfortable going.

He started crying and yelling and was clearly worried.

It was then, this woman turned to me and said;

“Gosh he’s an emotional one isn’t he?”

I didn’t make eye contact with her but said;

“He is today, yes.”

“Gee he’s very worked up. He seems to be very sensitive.”

Don’t slap her, don’t slap her, I told myself.

“He is.” I instead replied like a total weakling.

Natural Saffie

Because what I should of said was this;

“Yes, he is sensitive. He’s kind, empathetic, caring, emotional. He’s vulnerable, sweet, affectionate and loving.

He’s supremely beautiful. Like sunshine he lights up a room.

He’s considerate and desperate to help and please.

He loves fiercely, especially his family.

He’s so smart and funny and loyal.

And so much more. So, so much more!

So yes, lady, you are right. He is sensitive, and boy am I the luckiest mother in the world to have him as my son.”

That’s what I should have said to educate her tiny mind and to challenge her thinking.

Why do people still think that little boys shouldn’t show emotions? Why is it deemed inappropriate or even seen as a flaw? Shouldn’t we be embracing emotion in our boys? Nourishing and encouraging?

It is not a sign of weakness. God no. It’s a sign of being heartfelt and honest and real.

And I know for a fact, that they are qualities I want all of my children to embody.

So, watch out if you don’t agree…you might just find a hand slapping you…attached to a VERY overprotective but extremely proud mumma bear!!

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  1. Abby

    Amen. They care fiercely and love fiercely and yes that often means the mother of all melt downs can ensue over something that could be trivial to you but a big deal to them. But when it’s love they get overwhelmed with, I can ever imagine telling him to dial that back

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