Sometimes the right decisions are the hardest to make

gus kinder
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gus kinder

Two weeks ago today, my husband and I came to a decision, and it wasn’t an easy one to make.

We pulled Gus out of his kinder.

We’d thought about it a lot. We’d given it a red hot go. We’d given it more chances than we probably should have. But in the end, we decided to cut ties at the end of term.

It was the culmination of a range of things. Zero structure. A serious lack of supervision. A few too many cases of older children threatening and bullying our little Gus, with no consequences.

There was no one thing that tipped us over, just a growing feeling of unease.

Every time I dropped him at the gate I felt ill. At the start I put it down to separation anxiety (on my part) but when, after 8 weeks it was getting worse and not better, I knew it was more than that. It was mother’s instinct.

We weighed up the friendships Gus had made. The fantastic relationship and genuine love he had for his teacher, and the other positives that had come from it.

But the cons kept outweighing the pros, by a long mile.

So we came to the conclusion that it was better to sever ties now, then to drag it on.

We now have Gus attending a kinder that provides the support, and structure his personality needs. I never feel uneasy when I drop him off, and he comes home settled, happy and full of pride.

It’s funny how sometimes the easy decisions can be the hardest to make. But once you make them, you wonder why it took you so long in the first place!

Have you had to make a tough decision for your child’s schooling?

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