Sugar and spice and all things nice!

Darling Rascals

“Girls are moody” “girls are bitchy” “girls are so much harder to read than boys” “girls are emotional ” “girls have attitude” “girls…who’d have em!”

Yes I’ve heard each and everyone of these remarks since having my first daughter and it’s not only taken me by surprise but upset me so much.

Never in my life have I heard such negativity towards the female sex!

Strangers stop me in the street to tell me how “difficult” life will be when Olivia hits her teenage years.

She’s been called a “little miss” for not wanting to be held by anyone but her Mum.

It’s been suggested that because she’s a girl she’s spoiled and a princess. That’s despite wearing hand-me-downs and being pulled from pillar to post for her brothers activities, since her birth!

So, I want to know when and why girls got this bad rap?

I’ll be the first to admit I was more than happy with my brood of boys and when I fell pregnant for the fourth time, I well and truly expected that boy band to expand.

Alas the universe had other plans and despite calling poor Olivia, he, for the good part of two weeks, life as I knew it improved for the better.

A softness came over the house, like being wrapped in a blanket. I watched my boys be gentle and sweet with their baby sister. Protective and kind. Completely besotted.

I watched my husband, crumple under her smile and melt with the first “dadda”.

Natural Saffie

I watched myself allow to dream of the friendship I would have with my daughter as she grows up. Much like the one I have with my own mum.

Would all of this had happened had Olivia been a boy, yes most likely, but do we feel blessed to have been given a baby girl to change the dynamic of our family? Absolutely!

Baby girls aren’t vindictive or mean, spiteful or difficult. And they certainly aren’t bitchy!

Baby girls, much like baby boys, are joyful and wonderful and sweet.

They don’t deserve to be stereotyped anymore than boys do (rough/loud/messy/sticky-yes I’ve heard them all too!!). They deserve to be loved and cuddled and protected.

And I feel so lucky that I’ll get to do all of this with my boys and my girl.

So if you’re ever struggling to think of what to say to a Mum of a girl, or a boy, say just that…

“Aren’t you lucky!”

3 Comments on “Sugar and spice and all things nice!”

  1. Em

    Well said??
    I have 3??? & 1? & have received the same comments about my girls, & then the comments on how my “poor” boy is out numbered with all his sisters.

  2. Heike

    So true! My first is a boy and my 2nd a girl and the gender comments are endless. Everyone stops me to tell me how lucky I am that I can stop now that I’ve had a girl. And that she’ll be harder work. And that he’ll be rough because he’s a boy. argh. They have different personalities because they are different people! Not just because of their sex. Silly nuffers. I hate that my kids have to hear these things because it will influence their view of the world…

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