To Olivia on your FIRST birthday


To Olivia on your first birthday You will have to get used to mummy saying this, but boy it feels like yesterday that you were born. You undoubtedly gave us the BIGGEST surprise that day as we were not at all prepared to add a little lady to our boy band! But there you were. Our daughter. Our little girl. … Read More

To Angus on your 7th birthday


Dear Angus, what a year you’ve had! At the beginning of this year you nervously walked into school, a shy, anxious boy, and now I look at you and see confidence, enthusiasm and utter joy! Since turning 6 you became a big brother again, and almost instantly besotted with your first baby sister! You were named SRC captain. You went … Read More

To Billy on your 3rd birthday


Dear Billy boy How is it that you are three? Like when and how did that actually happen? It feels like yesterday that you came screaming into the world with rapid speed, but at the same time it feels like you’ve always been here. Since your last birthday you have become a big brother. A huge adjustment. We had a … Read More

To Angus on your 6th birthday

Happy birthday Gus

To my dearest Gussy, I’m going to start this year’s letter straight off the bat by telling you I’m so incredibly proud of you. Six years old. Six whole years we have been lucky enough to have you in our lives. It’s a big milestone. Why, you might be wondering? It’s not 18 or 21. But six. How could it … Read More

To Eddie on your 4th birthday


To my dearest Eddie This letter is a little late. Two weeks in fact but I’m sure you’ll understand. You’re that kind of kid. In fact despite being my most challenging child in many ways, you are my most easy going. You’re kind of an enigma. Your daddy and I often talk about the contradictions of your personality. You can … Read More

To my dear Billy on your second birthday

Beautiful billy

Dearest Billy boy I can’t quite believe you have been a part of our family for two years. It feels like life before you, never was. You were born, and you were there, almost like you had always been. Over the last year you have developed quite the cheeky personality. You live without fear, on the edge, about to jump, … Read More