Winter warming beef barley broth!


I made this yummy soup for the family last night and to my absolute shock, everyone ate it! Even the fussy one!!!!!!!! That’s a total win in my book and one that I had to share with you. Plus who doesn’t need a delicious, easy go-to recipe for the cooler months? So without anymore blabbing on, here it is! I … Read More

Chicken and Lemon Tagine


Now that the weather is starting to cool, I’m always looking for yummy and hearty recipes to keep us going. I came across this Julie Goodwin ripper through a fellow blog The Motherload which I of course highly recommend! It had all of the kind of ingredients our family loves and looked easy so I whipped it up that night. … Read More

SCRUMPTIOUS Apple and Berry cake!

Delicious apple and berry cake

I love an easy cake recipe. You know the ones where you just chuck everything into one bowl, mix and pour and you’re done? Yep this is it. This is a Donna Hay recipe and an absolute winner. I have changed it a few times depending on the fruit I have in the house, and it always works. Any stone … Read More

Friday night dinners- Healthy Nachos

Healthy nachos!

I’m bringing back the Friday Night Dinner posts! Hoorah you say. Or maybe that’s just me saying that? Either way, I hope to bring you some inspiration for quick and yummy dinners for the whole family. Today it’s healthy nachos. Who doesn’t like those? Nobody! Ingredients 1 onion, peeled and diced. 2 garlic cloves, finely chopped. 2 carrots, grated. 2 … Read More

Lunchbox Ideas-The Savoury addition

collage lunchbox

Well I put the question out and you answered…with gusto! It was a big fat YES to lunchbox ideas for the fast approaching school and kinder year. It was great that you did because it got me to seek inspiration beyond my usual go-to of a vegemite sandwhich and banana. While there’s absolutely NOTHING wrong with that combo, it’s sometimes … Read More

Easy and delicious homemade gifts!

Gingerbread teddies

Are you stuck with what to get those family members or friends who have everything? Or a KK gift for a work mate? Why not go the extra mile and make something personal, that also tastes mighty yum?! You’ll also avoid the shops! Win-win! These are my favourites! CHOC PEPPERMINT SLICE INGREDIENTS 2 packets plain biscuits (like Marie) 4 peppermint … Read More

Creamy peanut stir fry!


You know those recipes you picked up somewhere but can’t quite remember where? Yeah this is one of them, and I know it has been chopped and changed so many times, but the basics are there and it doesn’t ever disappoint. It’s also so quick and easy which are the two basic requirements I have when it comes to prepping … Read More

Easy peasy quiches!

Easy quiche!

I literally had nothing in the fridge today for lunch. Just a handful of things that could possibly make something if I had enough energy for imagination! Luckily I remembered an old recipe I used to make all of the time, I even though I didn’t have everything I needed, I had a few little extras I could substitute. And … Read More

The BEST brekkie bowl!

Delicious brekkie bowl!

I don’t know about you, but my favourite meal of the day is breakfast. The only problem with that is that by the time I’ve finished feeding the kids, I can’t be stuffed doing anything elaborate for myself. This is where this amazing little bowl of goodness comes in. It’s chock full of all of the good stuff, and it … Read More

The BEST Ragu with Rigatoni


This is my go-to recipe when I’m in need of a comfort meal. It’s delicious and so easy! I find the rigatoni is a great size for kids as they can pick up the individual pieces to snack on. Plus this is chock full of veggies but they’re hidden which is a bonus! I hope you enjoy it as much … Read More