My week of no yelling

me yelling

Recently I’d noticed I had been slipping into a very bad habit, one that just didn’t sit right with me. The habit I’m talking about is yelling. Now don’t get me wrong, I know that a healthy amount of yelling and parenting generally go hand in hand, but you know the saying that goes “I yell so loudly the next … Read More

5 things I’ve changed since number 4!

erin and the kids

Well, it’s been three whole months since our beautiful fourth bundle came bouncing into our world, making it entirely richer. Three months of life drastically changing, expanding, adapting, every single day. I’d like to say I’ve handled it all in my stride, but that would be a bold face lie. Some days have been extremely tough, others less so. But … Read More

Why having three kids, is harder than one!


My dear husband said something to me the other day, that got me all fired up. We were discussing the imminent arrival of our fourth child, when he mentioned that someone had asked whether it was harder to have more than one child. His réponse? “Having three kids, is no different to having one.” That’s when I lost it. Let … Read More

How do you know it’s the right decision?


In 19 more minutes it will no longer be my birthday. I’m wide awake, pondering my life, and thinking about how every decision I’ve ever made has led me to this point. If I had made different decisions, would the outcome have been the same? I guess I’ll never know. What I do know is that in one week, we … Read More

Why my idea of PLAY might be different to yours


As my children get older, I’m realising one thing. As parents, our views of what is “play” can be very, very different. We all start out with a blank canvas but maybe our own experiences as children, effect the way we chose to raise our own. From the get-go I decided I would be less of a helicopter parent and … Read More

My interview with Mister Maker


When I was first told I would be interviewing Mister Maker, I was pretty excited. I mean in the world of pre-schoolers, he’s kind of the Taylor Swift, am I right? And I was so pleased when it turned out, he was just as nice, and equally as passionate about his craft (see what I did there?) as Tay-tay! So … Read More

13 reasons I LOVE raising boys!


I’ve been a mum of boys for over 5 years now. It’s not something I ever imagined. Like, when I was a kid I never thought “when I grow up I’m going to have three sons.” I have never been very sporty (uncoordinated is a fairer term), I only began to follow footy when I met my husband, I like … Read More

Things I HATE about motherhood

LEGO! Evil stuff!

Ok, I’ll admit HATE is a little bit of an exaggeration. REALLY, REALLY DISLIKE might be more accurate. But let’s be honest, it comes with the territory, when you’re doing a job that never really clocks off, there are going to be things that really tick you off. I got thinking about it after going to watch Em Rusciano at … Read More

Holiday dreaming….

Crazy, crazy kids

Well, we are back from our week away in Hamilton Island and I know its a cliche to say but I feel like we need another one already! Greedy much? Yes, yes I am. You see, and anyone with kids will stand by me (fingers crossed) holidays with children aren’t exactly relaxing are they? They are so many other things. … Read More