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Sleep is inevitably a topic well discussed between women when you have babies. How much are you getting? In what position does it occur? (Men ask the same questions but regarding a very different bedroom activity.) And I always feel a little bit anxious about answering these questions. Not because my little ones sleep any better or worse than other kids but because I always let slip the C word. I’m a CO-sleeper!

My now two year old boy slept in my bed from two to 16 months, and my five month old daughter is yet to spend a night out of my arms. My closest friends and family know my little secret, but when I accidentally tell those on the outside that I’m a co-sleeper they’re always a bit shocked.

I get responses that range from sheer surprise, to scolding. People are concerned that I’m risking SIDS and creating bad sleeping habits, and I’m usually forced to defend my habits. But for me co-sleeping has always felt right.

I line the edges of my bed with pillows, I take the blankets off, I don’t smoke or get drunk and I never leave them alone in the bed. I’m not going to convince anyone that co-sleeping is completely safe and everyone should do it! I often wake up with a foot in my eye, or a sore back from not being able to change positions but sleeping with my baby feels natural and right FOR ME!

I love being able to reach out my arm and feel she’s ok, and to wake up to smiles and giggles in the morning.

Co-sleeping has long been taboo in the western world, while it’s the norm in Asian and African cultures. Also I don’t know of a single mammal outside the human race that sleeps away from their baby. So if my confession of co-sleeping makes you feel uneasy, think of me as a Labrador… a bitch who’s not adverse to the C word.

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