The Fourth Year rewards

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The other day I had a parenting moment that was so rare I had to pinch myself. My two year old was screaming about something totally ridiculous, as two year olds do, and my four year old went over and fixed the problem. I have no idea what he said or even did, but it worked.

It was amazing and for a fleeting moment, all was perfect.

Of course it didn’t last. But it did make me think about how far we have come. The terrible two’s are physically exhausting, the tantrums, the throw downs, it doesn’t feel like it’ll ever end. Then you hit the threenager phase and suddenly you are actually wishing for those two year old tantrums. You have attitude, you have talking back, you have meltdowns over things you never even realised where an issue. Who knew toast could be cut a wrong way?

You feel like you may never see your beautiful, cherub like child again.

And then they turn four. And bit by bit they return.

The boundaries you’ve enforced are slowly paying off.

You see your pre-schooler correcting your toddler’s behaviour, talking him off a ledge, telling him to apologise to mummy, and you give yourself a pat on the back.

Natural Saffie

You see glimmers of what this little boy will be as a young man and it warms your heart.

Of course, year four is not without it’s bumps. There’s the new world of kindergarten and navigating friendships, teachers, and social dynamics. You want to fiercely protect this young boy while allowing him to explore this big wide world.

He still fights with his brother over lego and hasn’t quite got the whole sharing thing down pat just yet, but it’s getting there.

He’s affectionate and loving, and opinionated and kind. He’ll still dance in the supermarket, and wear what you want him to wear. He charges through the park gates like he owns them, screaming “I’m not shy mum” as if wearing it like a shield of armour.

He is beautiful, he is four and he is yours. Soak it up. I know I am.

What has been your favourite age so far?


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