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pregnancy workout
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pregnancy workout

I was chatting with a friend the other day and she mentioned that a good friend of hers had what can only be described as a “pregnancy entourage”. 

On her list of staff, was a yoga instructor, a physio, chiro and naturopath. Along with her midwife, doctor and doula.

I’m not kidding. And I’m not judging either.

Hey if that’s what’s gonna get you through those 40 weeks as a sane woman, then I say “what the hell”!

But it got me thinking, how much times have changed since our own mums had babies.

There were no maternity clothes. You added an elastic band to your jeans or chucked on a mumu and away you went.

Pre-pregnancy prep involved the less than helpful anti-natel class run by the local health care centre.

There was no pregnancy yoga or pilates. You just went for a walk, or kept doing your Jane Fonda video in your loungeroom, but at a lower pace.

Things were more simple, and dare I say it, easier.

Imagine not caring a damn about the tent you had to wear in your third trimester, because Karen and Betty had to wear one too, and hey everyone looks the same in a tent.

Imagine not feeling guilty for fast forwarding the bums and tums section of your workout video, because frankly no one would know anyway.

Imagine getting through your 40 weeks of pregnancy without googling every.single.symptom you felt. Ignorance=bliss.

I’m not innocent in all this new age entourage stuff. I go to pregnancy pilates. I wear specifically made maternity jeans. I have an app that tracks my babies growth (this week I have a cucumber).

But I can’t help but feel that a healthy balance is what is needed here. Women have been making babies for years and years now, and we seem to be doing a good job of it.

So my advice is this (and please feel free to take it or leave it)….enjoy your entourage, but don’t let it get in the way of your instinct. You’re going to need it once that baby arrives into the world, that I promise you.

Did you have an entourage while you were pregnant? 

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