The sleep rollercoaster takes another dip…

Don't let this fool you! They were awake again by 10.30pm!!
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If you type the word “sleep” into this website, you will be delivered 17 pages of results. That’s 171 blog posts and articles on The Mums Group alone, about the most talked about topic of parenthood.

And even though I have contributed to, or written the bulk of those posts, I still shockingly don’t have all of the answers.

At the moment we are onto week six of our eldest, Gus, not sleeping. That’s Gus, our rock solid sleeper, who I’ve bragged about in the past. Yeah, him.

It started with a bad dream, that developed into him being afraid of going to sleep, and it’s now something between separation anxiety and an awful habit.

We have tried everything we can think of, everything anyone has suggested, everything that has ever been mentioned on google when you type the words “my child is afraid to go to sleep.”

Some suggest calm tones and comfort, others say not to cave and sleep in their room despite it being your only hope of getting any shut eye.

We’ve made up monster spray, dream spray, go the F to sleep spray.

We’ve collected monsters in a bag, which was then delivered to a tip where we waited for dad to send a text message to say he had watched the bag of monsters burn. It’s this kind of imagination I love, but fear got us in this pickle in the first place!

We’ve tried night lights. Music. Toys. Photos.

We’ve tried co-sleeping. We’ve tried tough love.

And now, we have run out of ideas.

Natural Saffie

We still haven’t slept, and we don’t have a clue how to fix it.

Gus shares a room with his younger brother Eddie, so he’s not short of company. But the downside of that, is that he is also waking Eddie, so I’m dealing with two worked up, terrified boys, refusing to go back to their beds. Every. Single. Night!

I know it may seem weak that I am complaining about six weeks of no sleep. But this is just six weeks of no sleep with this particular child.

I actually don’t think I’ve slept since I became a mother, nearly five years ago. God’s honest truth.

I’ve tried accepting it, but bloody hell, that’s hard work. To accept that you’re not going to sleep again for an unknown amount of time.

It sends a shudder down my spine.

But I don’t have the answers, and I don’t expect you to either. I guess I’m writing this because if you’re going through this too, right now, I want you to know you’re not alone.

Oh and my next door neighbours, who have a 13 year old, assure me that the tables have turned now and they can never get him out of bed!

So at least there’s hope. And sometimes that’s all you can hold onto.

Do your kids sleep?

Don't let this fool you!

Don’t let this fool you!

2 Comments on “The sleep rollercoaster takes another dip…”

  1. Amalia

    Hi, my son has some trouble falling asleep especially when we put him to bed too early or when he’s too tired. Timing it right is rocket science, really! I realize that using toys that make noise whether it’s nice music or just loud sounds does not help at all. Another issue was not having both of us by his side or at least to kiss him good night, so sometimes he waits for me to get home before he falls asleep. There are nights when I need to sleep on the floor by his cot, and then go to work next morning. But the GOOD thing is that these periods end, yours has been long and believe me I know it’s tough. Sleep deprivation has been my biggest challenge since Victor was born. But this too shall pass. Sleepless nights come back every now and then here too but they always end and then you can rest for a while. Hope this helps.

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