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As the birth of my second off spring is speeding towards me at lightning pace, I am confronted with the fact that not one single name is floating our boat.

It took my parents a whole week to name me. Seven days I laid like a nameless blob referred to as ‘no name baby’ until they creatively came up with ‘Katie’. A whole week to stamp me with a name and they decided on…Katie.

It’s a fine name. Never caused me any grief and no one ever screwed up their face when mum called out to me in the playground. It’s one of the most common names for girls my age though, so I just question why it took my folks so long to make up their mind’s. Sixty four Katie’s where no doubt born in the same hospital as me that day.

The thing with a name is that it’s yours forever, like a tattoo. You can get rid of it if you really want but it’s a pain in the ass.

I find it a massive deal to name a mini human. It’s something this kid will hear a trillion squillion times in his/her lifetime. It could help you to fit in with the pack or stand out like a sore thumb. Apparently there is so much to a name that it can dictate a future. I call bullshit on that, but I still think a name plays a big role in one’s life.

I don’t necessarily believe if your name is John, Teresa or Philip you will end up as a CEO of a company, but maybe there is some truth in a name giving you a head start.

There is a lot to consider when it comes to naming humans. What are all the nickname options? Will it work for a baby and an adult? Does it sound strong and confident or week and wimpy? Do you spell it phonetically or get a little bogan and alter a letter or two?

A name is a subjective thing. What I like may make you cringe and vice versa, so at the end of the day I get it’s only me and my baby daddy who need to love it. But, here the problem lies. We are not even close to using the L bomb with any of the names on the baby shelf.

One of us will toss up a name and the other screws up the face. We say names over and over to try and love them but it ain’t working. We are dry in the baby name department.

At the moment these are the top five baby names:

Boy                                                  Girl

Liam                                               Olivia

Greyson                                         Emma

Ethan                                             Sophia

Mason                                            Ava

Jacob                                              Isabella

All lovely, fine, pretty and strong names. I don’t want my baby to be called Apple or North West, but I also don’t want 12 other kids with the same name in his/her prep class.

Ahhhh, I’m starting to sweat now. This name caper is hard.

I have become one of those pesky mums at the park that spark up annoying conversation with other mum’s only so I can find out what her kids are called.

I have read baby name books, googled celebrities’ kids names and even gone old school and read birth’s and deaths in the newspaper.

We have a little longer to decide on what this new addition will be called but at the moment looks ‘He-Man’ is the winner. That’s cute for a baby girl right?

Wish me luck on this mini human naming journey. Name suggestions graciously welcomed.

M x

This article was originally published at the fab site and has been republished here with full permission.

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