To Billy, on your first birthday

beautiful billy
Darling Rascals

To my beautiful baby Billy,

Where have the last twelve months gone? It feels like yesterday you came bursting into the world at lightening speed. I still remember the moment I looked down at your little face and met you for the first time. It was like you had always been here.

You have hands down been the most easy going child of mine. You go with the flow, you smile, you happily sleep in the pram while your big brothers run around the park or get dropped at kinder. You fit in, perfectly.

You are such a snuggly little soul. You dive in and bury your head onto me, every chance you get. Your favourite thing is to cuddle after a feed, your warm milky breath warm on my skin.

You delight me, constantly. You’re walking, actually scrap that, you’re running, and clapping and dancing and singing. You chase your big brothers, trying so hard to keep up, and it won’t be long before you are giving them a run for their money.

You climb, you are a total monkey. You get up on things that are extremely dangerous, then call for help. All with the cheekiest grin on your face.

Natural Saffie

The best sight in the world, is you walking into the room, arms outstretched saying “mum mum mum”.

Your brothers adore you. They can’t get enough of you. They fight over who will get you out of your cot in the morning and line up for kisses and cuddles last thing at night.

You make our hearts overspill with love. You are our beautiful baby Billy.

So, happy birthday my darling boy. We hope you have the best day, and thank you for making the last year so magical.

Lots of love

Mumma xxx

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