To my own mother’s group…3 years on

mums group
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It’s sometimes strange to think that three years ago, my life was completely different. Three years ago I wasn’t a mum yet. Three years ago I had no idea what was about to hit me. And three years ago I was yet to meet the wonderful group of women that fell together, all bleary eyed and scraggly haired, to make up our mother’s group.

We have watched each other’s children grow now since the tiny age of 6 weeks, and new children have been added to the clan. We have cried and laughed over sleepless nights and embarrassing toddler moments. We have supported each other through some rough times.

We have become each other’s shoulders to lean on. 

Our children have formed the most beautiful friendships, and their faces light up when they see each other burst through the door.

As the first lot of third birthdays roll around, we will celebrate them all together this week, I’ve been reflecting on just how lucky we are that we found each other, or that fate put us together.

It was the inspiration for starting this site, to recreate that same supportive network, online, for those not lucky enough to have such an awesome bunch of women to lean on.

So thank you, my beautiful mums, for being my best friends, for inspiring me, and supporting me, and sharing this wild ride of parenthood together.

It’s been three amazing years, and here’s to many many more!


(this pic was taken this time last year….can’t wait to see what the next one looks like!)

mums group


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