To the woman who told my son to go away

eddie gallop
Darling Rascals

eddie gallop

To the woman in red,

We were sitting on a table behind you. You probably didn’t even know we were there. It was a Sunday night and there was a group of us, 6 adults and 4 children, all who were very well behaved.

It wasn’t a fine dining restaurant. It was a pizza place, with a kid’s menu. You know, family friendly.

We kept to ourselves, and you kept to yours, until my 20 month old got a little sick of being strapped into his high chair and decided it would be way more fun to gallop around the restaurant.

It’s a damn cute gallop he does too.

So that’s what he was doing when he came across you. He wasn’t having a tantrum. He wasn’t cursing or spitting. He was smiling his broad smile and galloping like a little pony.

He galloped on over to your table and your first reaction, was to shoo him away, like he was some kind of annoying insect or worse.

You then did it again, flinging your hand at him. Then you said “go away…just go away” and turned to the rest of your dining companions and laughed.

You’re lucky my sister in law got to my son before I did, because you wouldn’t have gotten away so lightly.

The friends we were dining with expressed shock at your behaviour…”she didn’t just do what I think she did, did she?” asked one of them.

Still I sat. Staring at your back.

Under different circumstances I would have told you how rude you were. What a pathetic human being you were. How un-funny your comment was. But I didn’t, because I thought it was a better example to my children to be the bigger person.

Instead I locked eyes with you when we were leaving and shook my head in disgrace.

I have no doubt, that you have no idea why I shook my head. You strike me as someone who has no concept of how your words or actions could impact someone. But I hope it made you think.

Because if I ever see you again, I won’t bite my tongue, and be the bigger person. It’ll be crystal clear, exactly what I think of you.

Yours sincerely,

The fiercely protective mother of a spirited and adorable 20 month old boy, who is already a better person than you will ever be.

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