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us pregnant
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us pregnant

It’s still amazing to me every time I see two lines on a pregnancy test. It’s a moment where time stands still and your future flashes before you.

It happened to me around 9 weeks ago. I’d been feeling overwhelmingly tired, which is a tell tale sign for me, so thought I’d take a test. It only took seconds for two pink lines to line up neatly together, and it surprised me. I know how stupid that sounds, but I honestly didn’t expect it.

Mick and i had always planned to have 3 children, so we were both thrilled to be expecting another bundle, although I think his first words when I showed him the positive test were “what does that mean?” Hmmmm, you’d think he’d know by now!!

Anyway the last nine weeks have been spent with my head in a toilet bowl while my children climb on me asking for a piggy back! I’ve vomited in the car, twice, and had to peel an orange in the supermarket to suck on just to stop me from causing a clean up in aisle 5.

It’s been a hard slog, but it’s worth it, and now that I am nearly 14 weeks along it is starting to subside. (yay)

We feel so lucky to be adding to our already amazing little family, and can’t wait to meet our little bundle in July. I also can’t wait to share this journey with you too.


Are you pregnant? When are you due?

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