We survived our first solo trip to the supermarket

Darling Rascals

I consider myself to be a smart woman, who, over the years, has accomplished some pretty damn good things in my work and personal life. But right now all of the skills I have learnt mean nothing. That’s because the task I currently have before me is completely foreign to me. I’m talking about raising two children.

I’m nothing special, millions of women have done this before me, which does bring me some comfort, but it’s still daunting!

Over the last three weeks I’ve found myself freaking out at what would normally be pretty easy tasks. Getting Gus in the bath, or cooking his dinner, has become a series of strategic moves, as I also juggle newborn Eddie.

I find myself planning so far ahead, dinner is made at 9am, pjs are laid out for that night by midday!

The other day I broke out in a cold sweat trying to figure out how to get them both in the car! While this morning I felt like wonder woman getting to the supermarket with both boys in tow.

But I’ve got to remember, I am capable of this. Right now I’m breast feeding, typing and letting a toddler wrap a ribbon around my head. I am capable!! I’m going to keep saying it, so I believe it!

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