What I’ve learned about raising boys

funny boys
Darling Rascals

funny boys

In my 3+ years as a parent to two beautiful boys, I feel I have already learned so much, not only about them, but about the male species in general. Here is what I know;

  • They need to run and climb and burn off energy each and every day to make life bearable.
  • Sitting still for longer than 5 minutes is not an option
  • They are rough, really rough, like slap and kick and bite and hit rough
  • Fighting started early, as soon as Eddie could sit upright, and occupies 85% of their day
  • They love their baby dolls as much as they love their trucks and will often argue over who gets to push the baby in the pram
  • They climb on everything.
  • They jump off everything.
  • Selective hearing starts from birth
  • They love mess, in any form
  • They give the best cuddles
  • They’re sensitive and I want them to show it, not hide it.
  • Music makes everything better
  • They know what they want and if that’s to wear their pj’s to kinder, there’s no talking them out of it
  • The skill of learning to wee standing up is a huge achievement
  • They want to hear that we are proud (and we are every day)
  • They want to cook
  • They get angry
  • They have wild senses of humour
  • “Help mumma” becomes a regular sentence
  • They don’t seem to mind being sticky, dirty, wet
  • They like pink, and fairies, and dolls
  • If they could be a superhero every day, they would
  • Dad is the go-to for rough play, fun games and sweet treats
  • Mum is their soft place to fall

There are so many more things I could add to this list….in fact I could go on for days. I love having two boys and have learnt so much from them and their amazing little personalities. I can’t wait to see what they continue to teach me!

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