What I’ve learned about raising girls

katie girls
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katie girls

Much like Erin, in my nearly 3 years as a mum to two precocious little girls, I feel like I’ve learned SO much, mostly though about myself….because having girls, means carting emotional mirror reflections of YOURSELF around 24/7, serving as a giant reminder of all of your quirks, traits & flaws.


          Girls are mini “mum sponges” capable of accurate and terrifying mimicking, making even your most annoying habits comical.


          Girls gravitate towards fairies and pink, even if you buy them trucks and dress them in gender neutral tones.


          They are ‘rough as’, tiny little girls as young as 5 months are capable of cat fighting.  The thought of future “2025 sibling infighting” makes me tremble.


          Girls, especially my girls LOVE their dad, this may be due to the fact he brings home a sticker book once a week


          Oh and girls love freaking sticker books.


          Girls love to cook, love to clean and love to tidy. Unless they’re not in the mood for any of these, and in that case they HATE all of the above.


          WHY WHY WHY ?? Girls love to ask “why” even if it does not precede a question.


          Much like how you would react over someone taking the last pair of discounted Manolo’s in your size, a 3 year old girl can lose her tiny mind if you select the wrong spoon for their breakfast.


          Girls are sensitive and kind, they can sense when something is wrong with someone and want to fix it.


          They love to dance, crazy wild dance with no rhythm, and it’s beautiful.


Girls, girls, girls…..I am one of 3 girls, my mother now has 3 grand daughters, we ONLY ever had girl dogs growing up, and my husband has two sisters…..but I’m certain our two little ladies will teach us more about the female species then we could ever have imagined.

What have your girls taught you?

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