What second trimester glow?

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I’m 4 whole weeks into the second trimester, and glowing hardly describes my appearance. Greasy hair, bad skin, and all day nausea, yes that sounds more accurate.

I haven’t really experienced this before. With Gus my first trimester morning sickness abruptly stopped at the 12 week mark, and was never more than a hungover feeling anyway. With Eddie, I threw up, a lot, but that stopped at 14 weeks.

This time around I’ve been sick from 4.30am until I drag myself to bed. When I do feel the urge to eat, I binge, and then feel worse for it. 

And I’m so, so very tired.

My doctor says it is probably to do with the fact that I’m busy running around after two active boys, and that’s taking a toll on this old body. And if that’s the case, there’s no real hope of this ending anytime soon.

Morning sickness is a rite of passage, and I’m totally down with that. But if the nausea gods want to be a little kind and give this girl a break, it would be greatly appreciated!

How did you cope with morning (all day) sickness and when did it end for you?



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