When do toddlers drop their day sleep?

Darling Rascals

Help… When do toddlers drop that final sleep? My 21 month old boy seems to be dropping it at the moment and I am going nuts! He is exhausted and I have tried everything to help him go to sleep from, milk, rocking, shhhhhing, patting, hair stroking and he wont give in. He has never had an issue going to sleep day or night so I am in unknown waters. The other day I put him in the pram and walked and he fell asleep finally. I don’t know if he is going through a change developmental or physical which is impacting on his day sleep. I tried putting him to bed later, earlier same time but I look at him now and his eyes are red and he looks tired (I certainly am, I need that mummy time and I miss my bestie a hot cuppa). I welcome any comments or tips please…

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