When the milk bar closes…

Darling Rascals

A few days ago, my little Billy, shut up shop on the breastfeeding front.

I’d had a pretty strong vibe it was coming. We had dropped down to one breast feed, his terms not mine, and even that was becoming more of a snack than a meal.

For a few days in a row, Billy latched on, sucked for about 30 seconds, then pulled off laughing.

One the fourth day he refused to latch on at all, and just did the laughing part, as if to say “yeah right lady!”

On the fifth and sixth day it was the same thing.

And it was then, that I knew our beautiful breastfeeding journey had come to an end.

We’d had a horror start to the whole affair to be honest. Multiple bouts of mastitis and then months and months of a resistant strain of nipple thrush, but I refused to give in. Not out of some idea that I should breastfeed, but because I so badly wanted to.

Natural Saffie

I have loved being able to breastfeed my babies. Yes it is hard, so bloody and painfully hard at times. Yes it totally rules what you can and cannot wear. Yes it means you give up your body beyond pregnancy to this little beast and it’s needs. But boy is it an amazing feeling.

I have loved breastfeeding my babies.

I have loved breastfeeding my babies.

I will miss the quiet middle of the night feeds. The milk comas. The forced time to just sit, and be, oh and watch trashy tv! The togetherness that comes from those moments when, mouth agape, those little eyes look up and they smile at you.

Gosh I love those smiling eyes.

Those smiling eyes!

Those smiling eyes!

So while our breastfeeding journey may be over, I’m confident i’ll still get to witness them, in lots of other special ways!

Did you enjoy breastfeeding?

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