When your child gets sick

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You know that feeling in the pit of your stomach? I’ve had that all week. It’s been worse than usual though. It’s like my worry levels have hit maximum and my tummy has turned into a lump of concrete.

Worry. It comes hand in hand with being a parent, but sometimes things can escalate it to a whole new level. Things like your child getting sick, really, really sick, and you feeling completely helpless.

My beautiful Billy has been teething on and off since he was about four months old. You know how it goes. But recently the poor little guy has copped four molars in the space of four weeks. It’s been brutal.

His eye teeth started to bulge about a week ago and with that came the stock standard grizzly behaviour, runny nappies, dribbling mouth and lack of sleep.

All stuff we’ve seen before in our five years of parenting.

But when, last Wednesday, he woke with a searing temperature, I knew it was something else.

I bundled the kids into the car and hot footed it up to the G.P who is luckily a 30 second drive away. They saw us straight away, and a quick review of Billy revealed he was pretty dehydrated.

The G.P said we’d be best to make our way to emergency.But there wasn’t a sense of urgency so I rang my husband and told him I’d drop the older boys into his office in about an hour.

Within ten minutes Billy went from bad to worse and I bundled the kids back into the car to drop them off asap and get into The Children’s Hospital.

When we got in Billy’s temp had soared above 40 degrees and he was beyond agitated. He ripped off the monitor they’d attached to read his pulse which was rapid and erratic and he spat out all medicine they tried to give him.

Limp and lifeless, it was terrifying.

Limp and lifeless, it was terrifying.

He finally passed out on my chest where he slept for an hour, waking in a sweaty mess.

With his temperature under control, it was then imperative to get fluids into him.

We were told he had to have 120 mL in the first hour or the doctor would have no choice but to rehydrate him via a nasal tube.

I knew that it would be extremely distressing for Billy so I made it my mission to get as much fluid into him as possible.

We hit the target in the first hour. Then we had to do the same for the next, and the one after.

Natural Saffie

Luckily we did, and narrowly avoided the nasal tube (which would have been in for a minimum of four hours!)

We were discharged with some serious guidelines to follow or we’d have to come back.

Sucking on the hydrolyse icy poles like a champ!

Sucking on the hydrolyse icy poles like a champ!

I’d like to say that we were out of the woods from that moment, but we’ve had a rocky few days.

On Friday, Billy still hadn’t eaten and was continuing to have high temperatures and runny nappies so we went back to the doctor who diagnosed him with having tonsillitis, on top of what is probably a gastro bug (lab results pending).

Friday is also the day I completely lost it. Like to the point that Gus told my husband when he arrived home “mummy cried a lot today dad.”

I guess the stress of having a sick baby, and trying to hold it together for not only him but my other children, took it’s toll. That and a severe lack of sleep!

But I’m human. And as a dear friend said to me, how great that our kids will grow up knowing that.

Anyway, we’ve turned a corner today and Billy has finally eaten for the first time in four days. He’s got colour back in his face and a little spark in his step.

And I can breathe a little easier for that.

If I can leave you with anything to take from this, it’s that you should always trust your instinct. If something doesn’t seem right, it probably isn’t. You know your child better than anyone else.

And if you’re in doubt, get a second opinion. Because now I’ve seen just how quickly these little treasured people of ours can deteriorate and it is terrifying.

Here’s hoping healthier days are just around the corner!

Thank you for listening and supporting, as always, this community is so beautiful and I feel blessed to count you all as friends.

Lots of love
Erin xxx

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  1. Kylea

    Thinking of you and how horrendous that can be .. That feeling of helplessness! I hope many mothers listen to that message of TRUST YOUR INSTINCT! I would rather be accused of being a worry wart than the other prospect too horrendous to mention!

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