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There’s been some talk of late about blogging and it’s useful or uselessness. I have always felt, for the majority of the time my writing falls into the latter category and I’m ok with that.

Why? Because most of the time I’m writing for me.

This blog started out the year I gave birth to my first son Angus. It used to be called Sleepless In St Kilda and it was basically an online diary.

I vented about my new life as a mother and along the way I began to gain a little following of like minded mums who felt the same way.

When Eddie, my second son, was born I took the leap of faith, changed the name of my blog and began to see it more as a business than a diary.

I set myself targets, I went to blogging conferences, I started to make some money.

But something was stopping me.

I have always grappled with the fear of losing my blogging identity, which quite often comes with monetising something.

So I’ve perhaps, without thinking too much about it, put a bit of a wall up. Not with you, my beautiful readers, but with the people who could be paying me to write.

I don’t want to be censored. I want my voice to be heard.

I want to share my stories and have like minded people read them.

Natural Saffie

I want another mother, who may be feeling like she’s alone, to feel less alone, by reading my blog.

And that’s when it dawned on me. While my blog began as a useless little diary for me, it has become useful to some.

Two beautiful mothers stopped me a few weeks ago and said “you look so familiar…you’re Erin from The Mums Group aren’t you?”

I was shocked, and no they weren’t related to me!

But what they said next, was the reason I do this;

“You make us feel like our lives are so normal!”

It was the best kind of compliment a writer like myself could ever receive!

So I guess that makes me kind of, sort of, useful, in a crazy way.

And that’s worth more to me than any dollar value I could put on my blog.

Thank you for reading, now, then and always xx

10 Comments on “Why I blog…”

  1. Carlie

    Your videos are the BEST! I’m constantly left giggling out loud, and admiring your honesty amongst so many social media mums who show a much more curated view of motherhood. Xx

  2. Veggie Mama

    When I had one of my kids (no idea which one, they both blend into each other!) a friend messaged me and said “Do you read Sleepless in St Kilda? I’ve just read her entire blog, I love it” – so chatty useless ramblings to you were salve to a tired and drained mum. Its the stories, it’s always the stories that connect x

  3. Renee Wilson

    That is such a huge compliment. It’s exactly what you want to hear that people understand, that they can relate and they feel normal. Good on you, lady. Love your work x

  4. Vanja

    I’m simply amazed that after the action packed days you have with three boys you find time to share those stories with us!! Several times I found my self thinking of e-mailing you and offering baby sitting services so you could get a good night sleep 🙂 I followed your blog because reading your ‘diaries’ made my life a little bit easier. I identified what was ‘normal’ for a new mum and I imagined what life would be like when my Charlie got his liver transplant. So for that thank you & don’t stop sharing your very entertaining life story xo

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